Elected Officers of Harthill Morris

Squire (2020) Nick Pal

The Squire is the leader of the side and the decision-maker; deciding what is danced where, when, how and by who.  It is also his responsibility to lead and teach the dances.

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Bagman (2015) Darren Nugent

The Bagman (literally the Man who keeps the Bag) is the team secretary, responsible for communications within the side, and taking booking requests/invitations from outside parties & sides.

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Old Man (2018) John Erskine

The Old Man is essentially the Chairman of the side; chairing meetings and settling disputes that may occur within the side on the rare occasions that they arise.



Treasurer (2008) David Chinn

The Treasurer, as you would expect, holds the purse strings, taking receipt of payments and processing the accounts.