Whilst we try to do as much as we can as democratically as possible there are times when decisions have to be made or tasks need to be done, and that is where our officers step in.  The 4 main officials that take charge and steer the side consist of the Old Man, Squire, Bag Man and Treasurer.  They are elected at our AGM in September and will, on special occasions, wear their chain of office to denote the role they perform.  They are ably supported in the running of the side by the other Offices of P.R. (Publicity), Songmaster, Costumier, Archivist, Village Hall Contact, Stickman and Auditor (2 posts).


Old Man - John L.

Old Man

The Old Man is essentially the Chairman of the side; chairing meetings and settling disputes that may occur within the side on the rare occasions that they arise.

Current incumbent: John L.
[Since 2016]

Past Old Men


Current Squire: Jono


The Squire is the leader of the side and the decision-maker; deciding what is danced where, when, how and by who.  It is also his responsibility to lead and teach the dances, however this is sometimes delegated to another member, who is referred to as “Number 1”.

Current incumbent: Jono  (Number 1: Colin)
[Since 2015]

Squire’s E-mail | Past Squires


Bag Man

The Bag Man (literally the Man who keeps the Bag) is the team secretary, responsible for maintaining communications within the side, fielding booking requests & invitations from outside parties & sides, and keeping a tally of numbers and who has signed up to which event.

Current incumbent: Darren
[Since 2015]

Bag Man’s E-mail | Past Bag Men


Current Treasurer: David C.


The Treasurer, as you would expect, holds the purse strings, taking receipt of payments and processing the accounts.

Current incumbent: David C.
[Since 2008]

Past Treasurers