The Derby Tup 2015

maxresdefaultKeep your eyes peeled if you’re in the Coal Aston, Dronfield and Holmesfield area on the evening of Saturday 19th December or in the Ridgeway, Ford, Eckington or Mosborough area at lunchtime on Sunday 20th of December, as the Harthill Tuppers ride again!

CDk4jhoWYAAVbxiEvery year during the festive period the Harthill Tuppers, a splinter group of the Harthill Morris, tour local hostelries and perform the Derby Tup, a traditional mummers play from the local area.  The Derby Tup (or T’owd Tup as it is affectionately known) is performed during Christmas and New Year and raises money for a nominated charity – last year the funds went to The Children Society (pictured) and this year funds will be donated to the Rotherham Cancer Care Centre.

There will be set performances at the Coal Aston Village Hall  at 21:30 on Saturday 19th December and at the Phoenix Inn, Ridgeway at 13:00 on Sunday 20th December, as well as many more in the surrounding areas, so be fully prepared for the possibility of Introducer, Butcher, Farmer, Sal, Simple and T’owd Tup to appear and entertain you as you sup your pint!

If you just can’t wait that long the below video shows a performance from a couple of years ago: